Outbound Students (Malaysian Students)

Q. What language will the courses be taught?

A. In principle, all courses under AIMS Program will have to be taught in English. You may have the option to take course to learn the local language and culture at your host university.

Q. Cost of Air ticket, how do I secure air ticket?

A. Your home university will purchase this return air ticket for you.

Q. Where do I get health insurance?

A. Your respective home university coordinator office will advise where to buy “international health and travel insurance”. You will need an internationally recognized health insurance in case of accidents or serious injury.

Q. Living Allowance, do we receive allowance to pay for daily expenses during the 15 weeks?

A. Before leaving Malaysia, your home university will provide specifics on this matter.

Q. Do I have to prepare for any expenses during the 15 weeks stay?

A. Yes, your basic expenses such lunch meals and private expenses.
NOTE: Home universities are responsible for living allowance for its students provided that they are eligible for financial support to attend our AIMS program. See your university offices for details.

Q. How much for daily transportation?

A. Most accommodation will be on campus or nearby, where commute is necessary your host university will provide further details.

Q. Clothing, what do I have to prepare?

A. Some partner universities might require you to wear uniforms, so check beforehand to prepare with respect to the wheather, seasons and so on.

Q. How do I get to my host university?

A. Host universities will be responsible for airport pick up of students. Your home office will communicate further instructions after the selection process.

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